Maa Land Co-op

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I am Em, an enthusiast of all pursuits who is dedicated to bringing love and freeflow to all aspects of life. I adore plants and growing
things. I love being outside in pretty much any capacity, and that is where you will tend to find me, dawn til dusk, in any given weather. In winter, I enjoy Maa ski touring on snow  days. The driveway is a pretty epic run.

I love animals and am currently involved with a fantastic dog, Roli, who puts the fuzz in fuzzalufagous. I also find joy in Tencza, my daughter.

I appreciate meeting new people and building deep and fascinating relationships with those around me. I strive to learn from everyone
in my life, and to pass knowledge on when I am able. Maa is a wonderful teacher.  I feel blissful on this land, and am thrilled to be creating a life and niche here.


I am Troy,  I grew up in rural Ontario and moved to BC in 1994.  I moved to the Kootenays in 2005 and believe I have found paradise!  I like to work hard and play harder, and the kootenay region is filled with opportunity for adventure and some of my loves include backcountry snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, swimming, whitewater kayaking, camping...the list goes on, but I am very greatful to live where I have all of these pursuits out my back door!

I moved onto  Maa in May of 2012.  We have since planted fruit trees and bushes, built raised garden beds, and begun to raise chickens and rabbits for food.  We are striving for food self-sufficiency, or as close as we can get!  We would really love to have a 100 meter diet year round!


I’ve lived in the Kootenays since 1994, first came to Maa in 1996 and joined the co-op in

2001. I am the mother of two children and the grandmother of two children. I am a

lesbian, feminist, meditator and dharma practitioner since 1981, life-long student

currently working on a degree in peace studies, and mildly (or majorly) obsessed with

ethics. The things that move me most deeply include: love for myself, my family, the planet,

intact ecosystems, my home; the grief and hope/aspiration of being human; desire for

peace – both within and in the world on an interpersonal right up to global level;

gratitude/appreciation for and joy in the many blessings that surround me: community,

the forest, clean water and air and soil, the warmth of the sun, the cool of the rain, the

caress of the breeze, the strength of this body and this mind, access to Dharma teachings.

When I'm in harmony with my core values I live simply, with few wants and few

possessions; eating simply, locally, organically to the greatest extent possible, taking joy

in the flavor of wholesome whole foods; walking in the forest for at least a part of every

day; and letting the people I love and care about know that I love them, showing them by

my actions, words and tone of voice, being present when they need/want me (to the

extent I can), and practicing mindfulness in our interactions. I meditate in some form

daily and approach life with gentleness, curiosity and genuine interest, endeavouring to be fully engaged with all my senses. I do what I can to increase peace in the world, in a

myriad of forms. I talk to people about my life and the reasons for my choices, in as

skillful a way as possible, to increase understanding and with the aspiration to make

change through The the living lightly on the planet. I learn every day and willingly

educate myself about events in the world, though it may hurt my heart, holding

compassion foremost.


Joe is an astrologer who has lived on Maa for 17 years. She gains solace and wisdom through gardening (we call her the Digging Queen!), chopping wood and walking to the creek. She has recently “retired” by moving into Nelson however Maa will remain home for her. Joe is our first Alumni Member. 


I came to live at Maa here in Sinixt Traditional
Territory in 1994 and built my own house. Like my Finno-Ugric ancestors, I am drawn to working with my body and enjoy growing and gathering food. Coming to Maa helped me on my lifelong quest to unplug from mainstream culture, heal from my family’s experience of displacement and war and to deepen the process of re-wilding my psyche. As a social justice and environmental activist, I am dedicated to mindful, conscious living, peace, voluntary simplicity and being in service to others and the Earth. I think of myself as a peasant, writer, feminist, adventurer, dyke and lover of the land. What I do for a living is varied. I am the author of six books and I run a small publishing company, Maa Press, garden and do construction-type jobs. I live with my cats Sweet-pea, Balsam and the squirrels in the roof. I love to dance and laugh and

wander. Feel free to visit my blog at


Since locating at Maa in 2016, mixed media artist and textiles contractor Nichola Cornell has been engaged in an evolving personal and vocational practice that encompasses elements of: home making, hand weaving, parenting, raising rabbits, participating in community, critical reflection and explorations in rural living.